Group Show at the GAM Gallery  
(Gam = A gathering of whales)

'Landscape of Abstraction"

My work: Elements Series.  4'x4', Acrylic & Ink on wood panel

Mel King's work: Algae, Acrylic, Oil on canvas

Maegan Elise's work: Oil on Canvas

March 15 - April 19, 2013
Opening Reception: March 15
110 e Hastings St. 
open Wen-Sat 1-5pm

Gallery Statement:
The Landscape of Abstraction brings together three distinct artists who each explore the complexity of our relation to nature through abstract painting. These artists employ the logic of composition and rhythm in painting as a parallel to the dynamic processes found in nature, moving beyond the tangible and toward the spiritual or emotional qualities of nature that may nevertheless be experienced directly.

Barb Hinton Wood's work is about reconciling the man-made and natural elements of life. The workings of the city exacerbate a feeling and a reality of extremes, which play out on a personal, community, systemic and global scale. Using formal tension, she draws on organic influences, and a connection to culture and traditions, Through this exploration duality falls away and it becomes clear that things are much more fluid and expansive than they first appear. 

The three large panels included in the the main gallery space, while not necessarily referencing conventions of landscape directly, nevertheless capture the rhythm and flow of nature's processes. Elizabeth Grosz argues that art accesses and intensifies affect from the chaotic forces of the world and, in doing so, of the universe from which art is drawn; the pure sensation of art, therefore, is the rhythmic and material undulations of the universe. Hinton Wood's work visualizes these undulations, the series' title of Elements pointing to the larger natural forces of the universe at work in and through art.


Thanks to GAM Gallery curators/directors Tarah Hogue and Julia Kreutz.
 I am so happy be connected to you and your creative community at the GAM, 
and am thankful for the inclusiveness of your space in the dtes.
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