The House of Faerie Bad Things - In the House Festival

October 29th-31st at Beaumont Studios

Did you manage to get ahold of one of the coveted tickets for this sold out event?
Did you come together with us for an evening of unavoidable mirth?

This was the invite:
'On nights like Hallowe'en, the realm of Faerie breaks through the thin veil that separates it from the earthly world. Join us on a journey where the Mysterious, the Magical and the Mythical meet at the crossroads of the Terrifying and the Tantalizing. Beastliness and Beauty will greet your every sense. Breathtaking visual artistry and stunning live performances including aerial circus, bellydance, theatre, puppetry, physical comedy, opera, hula hooping and music make this a haunted house like no other.'

I was the production manager for this totally insane, beautiful and magical event.

Get your ticket early next year, for it is sure to sell out again. And also check out Myriam Steinberg's slew of masterful and curious events on the site: