Positive/Negative Gallery




Positive/Negative Gallery
I had some miniature assemblage 3-D paintings in Adam's quick and dirty 
December Holiday Show
made from 'off-cut' pieces of wood recycled from the 
arts club theatre prop shop

436 Columbia Street - Vancouver, BC

Hot Art Wet City

 Hot Art Wet City Gallery - Annual Postcard Show 
December 2012
A collaboration with the magical illustrator Julia Kreutz

Full Circle Studio - Solo Show

Sound Waves 

July 15 - Feb 1
Opening Reception 
Saturday, September 7    4 - 6pm 
Live Music

Studio Hours: 9 - 5, Mon - Fri
101 - 1183 Odlum Drive @ Williams

Special thanks to the amazing Darcy McMurray, 
the wild and creative spirit behind Full Circle Studio

Group Show at the GAM Gallery  
(Gam = A gathering of whales)

'Landscape of Abstraction"

My work: Elements Series.  4'x4', Acrylic & Ink on wood panel

Mel King's work: Algae, Acrylic, Oil on canvas

Maegan Elise's work: Oil on Canvas

March 15 - April 19, 2013
Opening Reception: March 15
110 e Hastings St. 
open Wen-Sat 1-5pm

Gallery Statement:
The Landscape of Abstraction brings together three distinct artists who each explore the complexity of our relation to nature through abstract painting. These artists employ the logic of composition and rhythm in painting as a parallel to the dynamic processes found in nature, moving beyond the tangible and toward the spiritual or emotional qualities of nature that may nevertheless be experienced directly.

Barb Hinton Wood's work is about reconciling the man-made and natural elements of life. The workings of the city exacerbate a feeling and a reality of extremes, which play out on a personal, community, systemic and global scale. Using formal tension, she draws on organic influences, and a connection to culture and traditions, Through this exploration duality falls away and it becomes clear that things are much more fluid and expansive than they first appear. 

The three large panels included in the the main gallery space, while not necessarily referencing conventions of landscape directly, nevertheless capture the rhythm and flow of nature's processes. Elizabeth Grosz argues that art accesses and intensifies affect from the chaotic forces of the world and, in doing so, of the universe from which art is drawn; the pure sensation of art, therefore, is the rhythmic and material undulations of the universe. Hinton Wood's work visualizes these undulations, the series' title of Elements pointing to the larger natural forces of the universe at work in and through art.


Thanks to GAM Gallery curators/directors Tarah Hogue and Julia Kreutz.
 I am so happy be connected to you and your creative community at the GAM, 
and am thankful for the inclusiveness of your space in the dtes.
VanCity Art: http://vancityart.ca/tag/barb-hinton-wood/
The Gam Gallery: http://gamgallery.com/2013/03/04/the-landscape-of-abstraction/

Art Exhibit at the Cultch - April 2012


April 17 - May 6 2012
Opening Reception: April 19th, 5:30-8
Vancouver East Cultural Centre "The Cultch"

Performance: 6 - 6:15 - Orere Drummers led by Navaro Franco
Seat Dedication: 6:30 - For Phoebe and Fergus Conway

Drop-in Night with the Artist:
Thursday, May 3rd - 6 - 7:30
Come by if you missed the opening to see the work and visit with the artist

East Vancouver Cultural Centre
For 38 years in East Vancouver, The Cultch has offered programming in theatre, dance & music by local, national & international artists.
1895 Venables Street

Thanks to the Cultch staff, volunteers and community for all the great work that they do!

Summer Teen Painting Intensive - Emily Carr University

Teaching this course was a highlight of my summer! When I got back from Africa I assisted Lisa Birke a few days a week in instructing the month long Teen Painting intensive course at Emily Carr University in July, 2011.

I especially loved teaching the sessions on culture and identity, as well as helping with concept, composition, and technique development throughout the month - and helping to develop and instal the exhibition in the concourse gallery. I hope to be involved next year too.

Emily Carr University - Continuing Education: www.ecuad.ca/cs
Lisa Birke: www.lisabirke.com

The House of Faerie Bad Things - In the House Festival

October 29th-31st at Beaumont Studios

Did you manage to get ahold of one of the coveted tickets for this sold out event?
Did you come together with us for an evening of unavoidable mirth?

This was the invite:
'On nights like Hallowe'en, the realm of Faerie breaks through the thin veil that separates it from the earthly world. Join us on a journey where the Mysterious, the Magical and the Mythical meet at the crossroads of the Terrifying and the Tantalizing. Beastliness and Beauty will greet your every sense. Breathtaking visual artistry and stunning live performances including aerial circus, bellydance, theatre, puppetry, physical comedy, opera, hula hooping and music make this a haunted house like no other.'

I was the production manager for this totally insane, beautiful and magical event.

Get your ticket early next year, for it is sure to sell out again. And also check out Myriam Steinberg's slew of masterful and curious events on the site: www.inthehousefestival.com

Art Workshops
Adults & Kids
Come with a specific project idea or just show up and PLAY!

Illustration & Photography, Cartooning, Calligraphy Pens & Ink
Monoprints, Wood Sculpture, Make a Tiny Book
Use an Old Typewriter, Expressive Painting
Composition & Color Theory, Mixed Media & Collage

Kids projects last summer included: wooden bird puppets, chicken sculptures that lay eggs through a trap door, paintings of giraffes with rubber boots and cats with little hats, pens and kin zombie trading cards, "The Far Side" style cartoons with captions created on the '50s typewriter, splatter paintings on canvas, and photos of the garden including a momma raccoon fishing with her 5 babies.

Magical Garden Studio
(Just off Main)
with Barb Hinton Wood
Cell: 604-441-2797

I work with students one-on-one, in small group classes, and spring break and summer camps.
Contact me if you have a project you would like to work on or a new technique to learn.

"Barb's art class was a very fun opportunity to use art techniques I had never used before, like using ink to draw with.  Also, Barb's studio is a cozy, awesome place to work! - Everan (13 years)

"Class was really fun, interesting and a good learning experience too!" - Paris (10 years)

_________________________________________________________________________________ " A smart person takes play seriously, for in the act of playing is the possibility of going beyond established borders. Be natural. Put aside all that is 'significant' and 'important' and just play!" - Deng Ming Dao

Hapa-Palooza Festival

Festival of MixedRoots Arts and Ideas - September 7,8,9,10. 2011
at the Vancouver Public Library, The Roundhouse Theatre and UBC Robson Square
presented by the Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop Society

Hapa-Palooza is about bridging worlds, gathering community, and celebrating our diverse ancestry and cultural heritage. It is the largest festival of its kind in Canada.

Created for everyone whose family roots and communities reach across cultures. Hapa-Palooza's mandate is to cultivate community and dialogue among people identifying as having mixed heritage, to generate public awareness around topics related to mixed heritage, and, most importantly, provide positive role models and venues for discourse for the next generation of mixed youth.

Hapa-Palooza is a new cultural festival that celebrates the city’s identity as a place of hybridity, synergy and acceptance. A vibrant fusion of music, dance, literary, artistic and film performances, Hapa-Palooza places prominence on celebrating and stimulating awareness of mixed-roots identity, especially amongst youth.

I was able to work on this project as the production manager - with an amazing group of passionate artists, writers, musicians, actors, community organizers, activists and families. It is was a powerful inaugural year.

My student drum group 'The Oreres' with Navaro Franco performed a few songs in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson Street to draw people down to the Robson Square venue where the big festival was taking place.

Check out the website to get involved in the community and the event next year: www.hapapalooza.com

Art Exhibit - October 2010



Thank you to everyone who came by the see the show, join in the celebration and to help with the installation. It was an amazing experience with so many great people coming together.

Special thanks and congratulations to Elaine & Perry Street Studios.

What a vital space and great community!