About Me

I am a practicing artist, teacher, and community cultural programmer based out of Vancouver, BC. I have exhibited paintings, assemblages and installations in Southern California, Florida, Colorado, Saskatchewan and Vancouver. I have worked on projects for Bryan Jungen and Rodney Graham, and studied with Joe Santore of the NY Visual School, printmaker Susan Shatter, Bob Boyer, George Littlechild and Master printers Sue Hover Ohme and Patricia Branstead. I studied technical painting primarily with Lisa Birke at Emily Carr University.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of West Florida, a Bachelor of Education and teaching certificate from Simon Fraser University, a Masters in Community Development from Delta State University in Mississippi, and have completed 8 studio art courses at Emily Carr.

I am a high school art teacher and have instructed art in Brazil, California, Colorado, Florida, Africa and Vancouver, and have been involved in the arts, community based work and advocacy for over 20 years.

I have been hired by Emily Carr University to teach technical painting in Continuing Studies and additionally, I was a volunteer co-instructor for the Summer Teen Painting Course at Emily Carr University for July 2011.

I have worked with the Cedar Walk Aboriginal Alternative School as a visiting artist for printmaking, painting and a mural project and for 6 years I worked in arts programming, crisis work and advocacy based out of Vancouver and primarily with the Downtown Eastside community. 

I would like to acknowledge Coast Salish Territory


We are all connected  

My work is about reconciling the man-made and natural elements of life. The workings of the city exacerbate a feeling and a reality of extremes: Neons and Neutrals, Joy and Despair, Home and Displacement. These play out on a personal, community, systemic and global scale. I integrate these influences in my work in both an intuitive and conscious way.

I work with this tension to negotiate a playful yet serious reconciliation. I draw on organic influences understanding that they carry knowledge of natural cycles, rhythms, patterns, history of the land and a connection to culture and traditions.

Through this exploration duality falls away and it becomes clear that things are much more fluid and expansive than they first appear. We are all powerfully connected.